During the project lifetime various activities are carried out to provide effective dissemination and promotion. Each partner organizes at least 3 media events in each country at interesting occasions and sends press releases to general and specific Roma mass media to attract media attention.

Current updates (publications, news, various notices) will be available on the developed project website for which a new project domain will be obtained. Some project information and link to the project website will be available also on the project partner’s websites.

For the implementation of the prevention program an active promotion takes place at elementary schools. The prevention program, a great help for professionals working schoolchildren in all EU countries where there are similar problems with early / forced marriages among the Roma, are published on the project website, available in the national languages of the project partners and in English. Also the program for mediators, to support the mediation experts, tackling with early / forced marriages issues among Roma all over EU, will also be available on the project website.

Further promotion activities focus on round table discussions in the community in the local community, between local institutions, to highlight the problem of understanding Roma culture and to explain the concept of modernization of Roma culture. Furthermore, round table discussions among Roma women will be organized on the problem of early / forced marriages. Final event of the project, planned for June 2015, is the final conference in Ljubljana with 100 participants. At this opportunity the project guidelines with research findings and tested recommendations for the prevention of early / forced marriages will be presented.