The preparation and execution of the training on mediation starts in January 2015 and the activities of this workstream continue until the end of the project. A target group for the mediation training includes 20-35 representatives of local public services (social services, health community centres, police, NGO, police, schools, other education institutions, Roma associations, local community) and others, working with Roma. The main focus of the training is on gaining the knowledge to be able to appropriate and effective react and act at the occurrence of an early / forced marriage.

The Roma mediator, included in mediation training, performs monthly 50 “door-to-door” visits in the Roma settlement and works as a help / advice / solution / right guidance provider on the field. The role of Roma mediator is to implement basic preventive family consultations on early marriage, door-to-door awareness on the diversity of cultures, solving individual problems associated with premature wedding, informing young people and families of other types of violence and recognizing other problems. His visits establish the trust among visited Roma families / individuals that helps providing as well gaining information on problems in Roma community (e.g. early marriage).

Furthermore, an inter-institutional team, consisting of the trained mediators, meets at least three times during the project lifetime in each country or more if necessary (possible early / forced marriage). Through the project the team members will gain not only the very specific knowledge on “Roma mediation” but will also have the possibility to establish a perfect base to support each other and work closely together also in the future.