During the six month period at the beginning of the project a special questionnaire for guided interviews is developed to explore the sociological aspect of the Roma view on early marriage. A field survey is performed in Roma settlements in project partner’s countries and includes together 1.200 Roma people. On the basis of the respondent answers each project partner produces a research analysis report on the findings of the research, available in the national languages of the partners as well as in English.

After a year time a follow-up survey is preformed to determine the effectiveness of the project actions implementation: the door-to-door visits of trained Roma mediator, who will gain the knowledge on mediation in the framework of project activities under WS2. Furthermore, a follow-up research analysis report on the basis of the questionnaire used in the first part of the survey is carried out for all project partner countries, available again in their languages and in English.

Each research analysis report an in-depth report on the results will be added.