The main objectives of the project “Early Marriage – Culture or Abuse?” are: to explore the sociological aspect of the Roma view on early marriage, to early detect the problems in the Roma community, to educate teachers, Roma representatives, experts in the field of social work, counselling and health care, NGO’s and the police on how to act as a mediator at the occurrence of early / forced marriage and to raise the awareness among schoolchildren and gain knowledge on reproductive health, cultural diversity, stereotypes, violence, peaceful resolution of conflicts.

To achieve those objectives the project will have the following workstreams:


The main target groups of the project activities are:

  • the members of the Roma community, especially children, young women, parents and grandparents (throughout the project activities)
  • public services on local level (schools, social services, health community centres, police and others) and NGO’s and Roma activists (training on mediation);
  • schoolchildren at the age 10 and above (educational prevention program);
  • local, general public (round tables, dissemination and promotion of project results)