Within the scope of the “Early marriage – culture of abuse” a 30-hour training programme in the area of mediation in a multicultural community, with an emphasis on the Roma community, was held in March and April in the premises of Ljudska univerza Kočevje (Adult Education Centre Kočevje) and of RIC Novo mesto (Development and Education centre Novo mesto). The program was attended in total by 68 representatives of institutions and organizations of different profiles (education, social care, medical care and counselling, representatives of local authorities and police) and Roma representatives. The participants have acquired basic knowledge and skills in the field of the mediation in Roma communities through lectures, practical examples and workshops, which can serve as their support in solving communication problems with the Roma population. At the same time, they have learnt about the particularities of so called agreed Roma marriages. The programme was carried out by experts with experiences in the areas of mediation, communication and conflict resolution within the Roma community itself as well as between the Roma and non-Roma population.

The impressions of the participants:

  • Very interesting lecture, easy to understand, with emphasis on real-life cases. Thus makes it easier to imagine and react in similar situations.
  • I appreciate the fact, that the lecturers presented actual, concrete examples, not just theory.
  • I appreciate the fact that the training was attended by professionals with different profile, dealing with the same issues. I hope more trainings to be organised in similar way in the future. I’m convinced we’ve got to know each other well enough to cooperate more easily in the future.
  • Nice, relaxed, quality training, where representatives of different institutions and professions have shared their experiences. We re-examined our own knowledge on Roma, got to know their way of life, tradition, problems in which we are entangled together, recognizing them and work together on solutions. If you put yourself in other people’s position, step into their shoes, you discover different views and aspects, and you stop taking things for granted. To begin without prejudice it would already be enough.
  • I am very pleased with the way the training was carried out. I’d like to congratulate the lecturers for their lectures and participants for their responses.
  • The training was above my expectations. All lecturers possess a lot of knowledge and what fascinated me – tremendous experience, which they were able to transmit in a great manner. Much has been said that will be very useful for me in practice. As a whole, the programme was very well conceived, prepared and carried out.
  • The training was great, the lecturers were well-prepared and were true experts in their field. I got plenty of information as well as a confirmation of my current way of working.
  • You have exceeded all expectations. Very positive impressions. I liked it because you were talking about violence.
  • It was valuable that the lecturers came from practice, and the theory was only a guide for the interpretation and discussion in the group.
  • This was one of the best trainings I have ever attended. The lecturers were excellently prepared and they presented the topic to us in a very everyday manner.
  • Thank you; this seminar has really shown me yet another side of the Roma. Things are never one-way. Jasmina’s story opened up the world of the “security” of arranged marriages. The police part, with their prevention, is a true example of positive practice and has already shown the first positive effects.
  • Excellent training, for it is based on practical examples, illustrated by the theory.
  • An excellent approach. At the same time, we have gained new knowledge of common law, which is unknown to the majority.



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