Ljudska univerza KočevjeLjudska univerza Kočevje
Trg zbora odposlancev 30
1330 Kočevje

Project status: Lead Partner (LP)

Project team:

Our Adult Eduction Centre (“Ljudska univerza Kočevje”) is a public institution founded by the Municipality of Kočevje.

The main fields of our work include:

  • adult education,
  • establishing links with the local community, business partners and Slovenian public institutions,
  • participation in international projects.
  • The educational activities are carried out within the following programme sets: elementary school programmes for adults, three- and four-year vocational programmes, vocational-technical education programmes and a college programme in economics.

We also organise preparations for acquiring different national vocational qualifications (NVC), language courses for children and adults, computer education, work-oriented education and training as well as various forms of general education programmes. We have a well-attended Third Age University, Open Learning Centre and Consultation Centre, which operates within the Dolenjska Centre for Lifelong Education Project.