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Via Valdipesa 4
50124 Firenze

Project status: Project Partner 3 (PP3)

Project team:

    • Patrizia GIORIO
    • Zsofia JOBBAGY
    • Marco ANTONUCCI

FormAzione Co&So Network (FCN) is a Consortium of 10 Social Cooperatives operating in different social fields in Tuscany, most of them on Public Procurement. The personnel of FCN is of 10 employees but all together the people working in the Associated Cooperatives are around 700. FCN is the unique organisation in charge for the tutoring of persons with disabilities and disadvantaged people during their Job insertion pathway. This service is managed by FCN on behalf of the Province of Florence, that is responsible according to the Italian Regulations to promote the Employment Services.

FCN, as an accredited Training Agency, is specialized in promoting training actions and initiatives at national and European level, it works primarily with Third Sector organizations, social enterprises, associations, voluntary organizations and Public Authorities. FormAzione Co&So Network has been working in the field of European Programme since 2004, especially in the framework of Erasmus+ (former LLP), EIF and DAPHNE, both as promoter and as a project partner. Many of these projects were aimed at the social inclusion of Roma groups.

“Il Cenacolo“, one of FCN’s associated cooperatives that will be involved in the present project, works directly with the Roma Community located in Florence, offering tutoring services and supporting their job insertion. The organization has also developed some pathways to prevent the early school leaving of Roma students and unaccompanied minors.