RIC Novo mesto has, on the 25.5.2016, successfully connected two complementary events: an event for professionals Together for harmony, with the aim to encourage the development of basic abilities and key competencies of adults and is a part of the project “Realization of European programme for adult learning (EPUO) 2015-2017 in Slovenia”, which is led by Slovenian Institute for Adult Education. The round table as the second event was for the general public, organized within the project “Early marriage – Culture or abuse?” entitled Was Einstein right, when he said, that it is easier to break the atom than prejudice? A surprisingly high number of professionals, representatives of local authorities and representatives of the Roma community have participated in the event.
The round table for the general public was moderated by a retired senior scientific associate from the Institute for ethnic studies dr. Vera Klopčič and guests mag. Hedina Sijerčić, a writer and publicist from Bosnia and Hercegovina, Maja Žunič Fabjančič, a professional associate in DRPD Novo mesto, Brigita Kropušek Razinger, director of AZ LU Velenje, Sandi Horvat, a journalist of RTV Slovenia and the coordinator of the Early marriage – Culture or abuse? Project Tea Sulič from RIC Novo mesto, have participated in the conversation.
The guests talked about their own personal experience connected with overcoming stereotypes and prejudice on Roma and migrants. They spoke about stereotypes and prejudice that originate from the marginalized groups towards the main population and also vice-versa. They found that numerous initiatives, accepted declarations, laws on national and EU level, well set projects that aim to overcome stereotypes and prejudice to diversity are important steps to overcoming stereotypes and prejudice, however they are not providing final solutions. Reaching harmony among different in a common environment brings an important task for each individual: accepting responsibilities to create quality relations on a daily basis, respecting diversity in their own environment and being ready for intercultural dialogue. An important common finding of all guests was that, in order to overcome stereotypes and prejudice it is very important to educate people in its broadest meaning or as mag. Hedina Sijerčić has said: culture and education go together hand in hand.

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